New features in version 2.0

After almost a year of development, we are proud to present you the new features of Ibakus.kyc version 2.0. And we don’t intend to stop on the way! A version 2.0.1 and a version 2.1 are already in progress!

Responsive – Can be used on tablets and smartphones

This new version offers improved design and ergonomy for easier use. In addition, now, thanks to increased responsiveness, you can use Ibakus on a tablet or a smartphone.

Meeting the requirements of the GDPR

  • Encryption: All information is now encrypted by default using an AES-256 procedure.
  • Portability: possibility to export all data in csv format.
  • Black box: to accurately track the activities of all users.
  • General terms and conditions of sale: Our General Terms and Conditions have been adapted to the requirements of the GDPR.

Vigilance is reinforced and automatic

The functioning of vigilance has been reviewed. Enhanced and configurable vigilance, for both high and low risks.

The risk grid is more flexible

The risk grid can be configured by sector of activity and country. When a competent Authority or Order informs us of its risk grid, we will apply it for companies in this sector.

Modification of the risk level

In addition to the system’s risk assessment, the user now has the ability to impose his own level of risk as a result of his own Due Diligence & Risk Assessment. The decision to deviate from the system diagnosis has to be commented on.

The shareholding structure of legal entities has been refined

At the level of the capital of Legal Persons, it is now possible to take into account different categories of shares. The declaration of Beneficial Owner has been significantly modified in order to introduce more nuances according to the various situations.

The activity of a Legal Person

As part of the assessment of the risk related to the customer’s activity, it is now essential to introduce the NACE code of a company’s activity in order to determine the level of risk.

In accordance with the rules in force, a number of activities have been declared “at risk”.

The Basel list

As part of the assessment of the risk related to the client’s geographical location, we have abandoned the Transparency International list and replaced it with the Basel list (, which provides a much better response to anti-money laundering questions.

Verification of the authenticity of identity documents

The authenticity of a passport, national identity card or residence permit may be checked to determine whether it is an official document or a forgery. This is a fee-based option that the user can execute on request.


The notion of an archived record has been discarded. Archived records will be transformed into active records, but will not be invoiced for the first 30 days of the switch to 2.0. You can use the 30-day grace period to print archived records and delete them if necessary. Beyond the 30-day period, the archived records still present will be considered as active records and will be taken into account in the number of records entering the billing database.

API for connecting with different applications

Do you use CRM or business software? Ibakus can (with the help of your CRM or business software publisher) synchronize your data with Ibakus.kyc to avoid double encoding. Contact us for more information on this point.

The invoicing method has been reviewed

Pricing will now be on a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription basis. There are different subscriptions based on the number of records.

See the subscriptions

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