Manage your AML & KYC obligations easily

1stKYC helps businesses subject to AML/CFT regulation to manage easily their anti-money laundering (AML) & ‘Know your customer (KYC) obligations. 1stKYC offers an easy to use SaaS software which automated the processes, and a series of API.

PEP/Sanctions Screening

PEP, criminals, terrorists identification, +1 million profiles
Sanctions | Watch-Lists | Adverse Media
Follows FATF-GAFI standards

Adverse Media

1stKYC mines negative media data from over 3.5 million sources. These sources include national and local level news sites, blogs, regulatory, law enforcement sources, and the Associated Press. Includes Russian and Chinese medias.

Client Authentication

ID document authentication – International coverage for passports & Visa’s, European ID cards
Face recognition on the ID document & face matching to verify the identity

On Real Time Vigilance

Global watch-lists updated weekly
Full quarterly checks of all your clients portfolio in watch-lists and adverse media

Personalized KYC

Create profile to assign to a person to have a personalized KYC depending on the nature of the business relationship. The application will highlights all the necessary information that you have to encode.

Bulk Import

We allow any type of bulk import. CSV, XML, JSON.