In the case of Professions that do not maintain an ongoing relationship with their clients, the user is still required to check the databases when entering into a relationship.

In this case, the much lighter functionality of the “SINGLE CHECK” is used.

With this system, by entering the surnames & first names of a physical person, or even more, their date of birth and country of residence, 1stKYC will send you back by email, within minutes, a detailed report of what it has found in our databases as well as links to negative press information.

If the Person is not in the databases, the report will confirm it.

For an estate agent whose relationship with his client is limited to a few months, the need for vigilance does not apply.

In order to use the SINGLE VERIFICATION system, all you need to do is identify yourself in the application. A file will be created allowing you to identify yourself, in particular for sending the search result.

You can use the SINGLE VERIFICATION service by purchasing verification “packs”. A pack entitles you to a certain number of verifications (from 100 verifications onwards – see PRICE) and is always valid over time.

how to register for 1stKYC and start testing the application

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