Add/change/delete users

It is possible to manage a set of users who will have access to a folder with different rights .

The application has four categories of users:

  • The Owner: this is the one who created the folder and manages it in its entirety. The Owner has all rights to the folder, including the right to delete it. There can only be one Owner per folder. He is allowed to print all the data in a folder in a single request.
  • Managers: have very extensive rights over the folder, including access to the Settings menu. The number of Managers is not limited. Printing all the data in a folder in a single request is allowed.
  • Members: have the right to create / modify and delete People records. Printing is only allowed of one Person record at a time.
  • Consultants: have the right to consult the files but without modifying them. Only one Person record can be printed at a time.

To create a new user, go to the menu in the upper right corner of the screen, choose the Settings option and then go to the Team Members / Invitations tab in the left menu.

In the upper right corner, click on the Invite a Collaborator button. A new window opens where you must enter the email address of the invited collaborator as well as the authorization level you are going to assign him/her.

Once you click on Send Invitation, an email will be sent to the person concerned. At the bottom of the screen, the system reminds you of the invitations awaiting acceptance by their recipients.

For the invited person, the process takes place in two steps:

They receive an e-mail asking them to create an account on Ibakus. Once the account information is completed, a new e-mail is sent to the new user.
the new email is to verify the email address used. Accept the verification link and the new user can then access the folder to which he has been invited.

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